If you are planning any event in 2022, the question should not be if you should get a flower wall, the question should be: which type of flower wall should you get? You can answer this in two ways. The first requires you to consider the following: What your favorite flowers and colors are, if there’s a color theme for the event being planned, and if you want natural or artificial flowers. Merging all of these and working with your event planner, you are sure to arrive at the perfect flower wall for your event.

A second way is to look through already designed flower walls to get inspiration for your own, putting in mind the factors mentioned above.

Looking for flower wall designs to inspire yours? Check out the 5 below.

909 Pretty Petals

Roses are red and violets are blue and if you are the single flower type this rose flower wall is one you can replicate for your event. This design is paired with a neon sign that broadcasts the preferred message/text, eliminating any confusion in the mind of guests about what the event is about.

B Events

Planning a dark-themed party? Let this unconventional flower design fire up your imagination. You only need to think of two preferred flowers to reproduce this to your taste.

Adore Wall Sac

Artificial white roses and greenery are the components of this garden wall-type flower wall. You could consider using a different color of rose or another type of greenery for your own flower wall.

Cleveland Flower Walls

If a multi-flower flower wall is your preference this design is a great way to start. The flowers in it include white and ivory roses, ferns, pampas grass and other greenery, all bordered in front by white pumpkins. One problem you might encounter should you choose to replicate this flower wall is getting your guests away from it 😀😉.

Enchanted Wall Flowers

Roses are a great addition to flower walls and it’s not surprising to see them again in this design. Made from jewel-tone colored roses, this peacock flower wall is sure to stir your creativity in coming up with your own flower wall design.

We know that after going through the designs above you already have an idea of what flower wall you want for your event. But if you require a professional consultation to bring your idea to life, we are just an email or phone call away.  Send us an email at inquiries@cococabana.us or call us on 832 245 5077 and we would be glad to help make your design a reality.