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We design and coordinate every detail of special events from inception to completion. This includes developing a theme, implementing a budget, setting timelines, selecting and reserving event sites, sourcing equipment and facilities amongst many other planning activities. Everything will be taken care of so you can focus on creating and enjoying a memory that lasts a lifetime!

Oluchi's 25th Birthday

Being in the event industry, having the right clientele can make or break your business. We have always prayed for working with dream ‘clients’ and that came to pass when we had the opportunity to work with Oluchi.

This was our first 5 figure event! We did more than just decorations, we planned and coordinated the entire event, managed the budget and curated the vision.

We are so honored to be blessed with such an opportunity! We would like to thank Oluchi once again for being such a pleasure to work with, for her charming personality, for her fabulous taste, for her complete and total trust in us. We are so grateful you chose us to be part of your special day.

Special shout out to all our vendors that helped make this possible.

There is so much that goes into planning an event, and behing the scenes things can get very chaotic. Y’all won’t believe, the morning of the event almost everything went wrong! But glory be to God, because thanks to him, everything ended up working out perfectly! Check out the video below showing y’all all the madness that went into this event.

Birthday Turned Proposal!

This was such an exciting event to be a part of! Andrea was amazing to work with, it was like we were long time friends.

She was planning her boyfriend’s 30th Birthday Party. Little did she know the event she had been planning for months would turn out to be her proposal.

And Kwan, got his girlfriend to plan her own proposal. Genius right?

Fun fact: a few weeks after the event, I am out walking a friend’s dog in my apartment, and behold, I see Andrea chilling in the hallway on a call. Turns out we are neighbors!! But wait there is more. I have a cute table and chair set on my balcony that one of the residents in the apartment was giving away a few months ago. And guess who had given it away? Kwan!

As we connected the dots, we were mind blown. It really is a small world. To think we were already connected months before we met, is crazy.

Congratulations once again! And we wish you a happy life together. 

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